Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Yeah...5 more items

So I had mentioned in an earlier post, that I would be introducing 5 new items to my 3verything3mily store soon ...that hasn't happened yet. Don't get me wrong, they are all ready for their introductions, but are without pictures. (Making inexpesive camera pics look good is time consuming I am finding! ) I figured I would at least give you a heads up about what to be expecting!
1. Record bowls!- A few more additions along with the 45's, all with their original cases
2. Earrings!- All Unique and handmade out of items you would have never thought about wearing
3. Tree Chalkboard Art- A multimedia peice on canvas, shows you CD's aren't just for listening to anymore
4. Magazine Bowls!- Last months fashions will now look even classier on your coffee table!
5. A revamped chalkboard message Lamp!- Spotlight what you really want to say!

Obviously I've been real into chalkboard surfaces lately and bowls....hmmm

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