Friday, May 28, 2010

Compassion Trip to El Salvador

Stephanie has been my Compassion child for a VERRRY long time.  I have loved this opportunity to affect a family and child so dramatically in a different culture than my own.  It is only $38 a month, but I will admit there were times I debated over it because things in my own life were chaotic.  Recently I have come to the realization that she will be aging out of the program this June on her birthday.  This is both exciting and sad. I know she will have some good opportunities to use the skills she has learned, but I have always wanted to visit her.  Well today my frugalness was faced with a delimma. A trip to El Salvador is coming up at the end of February. So... $2700 to visit 6 months needs to appear.  Obviously a part time job would do the trick...which would sacrifice time and effort in other areas I wanted to focus on this year. Hmmm I can't help but wonder if there is another way I can come up with the $100 + a week to make it happen while STILL paying off my car this year.  Any ideas out there?  (Keeping in mind, I've pretty mush sold off everything I can. LOL)

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