Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Move Fast

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I did get the position I was hoping for in Virginia. HORRAY! They called and offered it to me the 13th of November and I started the 16th. What a relief to watch things fall into place and know I will not have to use my car as a closet anymore! Me and a good friend of mine are still getting situated into a house we moved into last weekend. I LOVE IT. Great neighborhood, decent rooms, basement...really what more could we want?

More importantly.....I HAVE A JOB! I began work at Family Preservation Services in Roanoke as a Intensive In Home Counselor and have been doing training there these past couple weeks. It will be challenging, but I think I will get a ton of experience, and learn a lot. I am so grateful to have a job and place to finally settle. While it is far from many of my friends and family, I think it will be a great opportunity.

Here's hoping after my stuff gets to the house next week (from both Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN) I will have the time to post some new creative thoughts and ideas about projects I'm working on!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As I have posted earlier...these past 7 months now have been some of the most confusing/ frustrating times. Celebrating graduation and making the transition to adult world has not gone very smoothly. Smoothly is definitely not my style. Lets rewind a bit.

May - Graduation. What a glorious day. All my 7 years of hard work rolled up into one piece of paper. Beautiful. As I began to search out what path to take my wonderful credit union was gracious enough to give me some pretty good hours to hold me over for about a month...or 6 months....haha

The months following I will summarize briefly. I spent a lot of money, gas, and time trying to find a job. Obviously the economy sucks right now so I was told endlessly I was overqualified. Last count I had bugged, emailed, called, and applied to roughly 183 places. That my friend is when discouragement overcame me. Lexington, St. Louis, Knoxville...nothing was seeming to work out.

October 5th, 2009. IT's OVER. I got a call from Child and Family TN offering me a position as LEAP Coordinator. I was ecstatic. All my hard work searching had paid off! I was slightly off guard because the position I accepted was not what I had interviewed for, but nevertheless IT WAS A JOB....WITH HEALTH INSURANCE. I began training the 21st of October, and after 3 days of training was thrown into the position both at a local school and group home. I was exciting about this new adventure although confused about my position still.

To make a long story short the position was not what I had thought it would be. I had come to understand it would not include therapy hours (which would be necessary for me to become licensed), and many other confusing and uneasy additions. Basically, I quit after 5 days. I knew from the beginning it wasn't gonna work out even though everyone I had met had been very helpful and nice. This is not in my nature and was a weird circumstance, but I feel very good about my decision.

Since then I have had a promising interview in a new state: Virginia. I have a second one tomorrow, and hope that it will prove to be the real end to my job hunt. It would be a great opportunity to start out in, and it would be close to my good friend! I have appreciated all the support of my friends and family in this time, and feel very blessed to have so many people who are willing to lift me up in prayer!