Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Yeah...5 more items

So I had mentioned in an earlier post, that I would be introducing 5 new items to my 3verything3mily store soon ...that hasn't happened yet. Don't get me wrong, they are all ready for their introductions, but are without pictures. (Making inexpesive camera pics look good is time consuming I am finding! ) I figured I would at least give you a heads up about what to be expecting!
1. Record bowls!- A few more additions along with the 45's, all with their original cases
2. Earrings!- All Unique and handmade out of items you would have never thought about wearing
3. Tree Chalkboard Art- A multimedia peice on canvas, shows you CD's aren't just for listening to anymore
4. Magazine Bowls!- Last months fashions will now look even classier on your coffee table!
5. A revamped chalkboard message Lamp!- Spotlight what you really want to say!

Obviously I've been real into chalkboard surfaces lately and bowls....hmmm

Compassion Trip to El Salvador

Stephanie has been my Compassion child for a VERRRY long time.  I have loved this opportunity to affect a family and child so dramatically in a different culture than my own.  It is only $38 a month, but I will admit there were times I debated over it because things in my own life were chaotic.  Recently I have come to the realization that she will be aging out of the program this June on her birthday.  This is both exciting and sad. I know she will have some good opportunities to use the skills she has learned, but I have always wanted to visit her.  Well today my frugalness was faced with a delimma. A trip to El Salvador is coming up at the end of February. So... $2700 to visit 6 months needs to appear.  Obviously a part time job would do the trick...which would sacrifice time and effort in other areas I wanted to focus on this year. Hmmm I can't help but wonder if there is another way I can come up with the $100 + a week to make it happen while STILL paying off my car this year.  Any ideas out there?  (Keeping in mind, I've pretty mush sold off everything I can. LOL)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pr3ssing On!

Sometimes things happen in life that throw a wrench in our plans.  I am a big planner.  I have not always been, but sorta morphed into one.  I love making things and thinking of new ways to repurpose everyday items...seriously I could do this alll day.  However, as much as I like these things and have many interests, when life events happen it is necessary to put them on the back burner until I can come up for air. For example, let's inspect the $600+ damage of the wrench. 

Retal Car: 189.00 (for 4 days)
Car Engine Issues: $241.00 (Praise the LORD, it was ONLY this much!!)
Personal Property: $70.00
Ticket=? at least $160.00 (after court costs!)

That is $660.00 of a wrench thrown into my plans! And you know what? It did not even phase me financially!!! Becuase of my planning I was able to move things around and adjust some other bills! I only had to take $200 out of my emergency fund!

I spend my paycheck down to $0 every payday..Yep. 0.  This way I know where everything is going and it can be tracked with minimal effort.  It is a great system, and it's allowing me to pay off my debt VERY quickly!! So when my car broke down before a trip to see the boyfriend in Lexington, KY (6 hours away) I needed to make some decisions.  Personal Property taxes are due, a speeding ticket, enterprise rental, and a sputtering car with a scary engine light on does not equal progress financially! However, I have kept my grounds, there has just not been much time (or expenses) for my Etsy Store! :( 

But good news!!! I am going to be hitting the craft room hard this week turning out at least 5 new types of items to show up in my store! Stayed Tuned!