Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here We Go Twenty Ten!

I'm starting to get into a routine now...o how I missed it. New job, new city, and of ways to think of saving money. I sat down today and plotted out new goals for the year...I'm not a big fan of resolutions but Goals I LOVE.

Here's a few I'm hoping to accomplish this year....
  • Pay off my car
  • Work toward my LPC
  • Buy a Bike
  • Maintain my financial goals
  • Build a larger emergency fund
  • Stock my Etsy store :)
  • Read 5 books I have that I have never opened in my library
  • Study at least 6 books of the Bible intently.
  • Get rid of things I do not need
  • Use what I have to make what I need when possible
  • Container Gardens?
  • Do at least 2 things on my “Things to do in Life list” this year
Hoping I can fit all that in this year! Here's a frugal rainy day project any regular card writer could enjoy. I'm thinking about making some sets of these for fast birthday presents
coming up:

EASY POSTCARD PROJECT- (Need: Camera, Glue, Marker, Assorted Cardstock)
1. Take some fun pictures of places you have been, creative angles, colors, etc.
2. Develop your pics in the regular 4" X 6" size (I like matte finish).
3. Cut Cardstock out to glue on the back of your picture. Leave 1/2"overlapping pic on all edges.
4. Design the back of your postcard for whoever you are sending it to. Make sure to leave room for their address on the right side as well as postage.
5. Bundle a few of them together with ribbon or twine add a few 28 cent stamps and VIOLA a nice present for a couple dollars!