Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here We Go One More Time..

.....and now I have an NYSNC song in my head. Since February is approaching an end, I felt the need to debrief through blogging about the latest and greatest in the life of muah. First things first...starting a new job for hopefully the last time in a LONG time.  I think it is going to be super intense and great experience toward certification for my LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor). Right now I am a LPCA Licensed Clinical Professional Associate.  However 2 years and 4,000 hours later that will change. I will be doing many things here in rural Cynthiana, KY for Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, that my other positions did not give me the opportunity to do, so I will need to learn very quickly.  Since I haven't had a paycheck since November I am very much looking forward to March 4th LOL.  It is a time like this I am very grateful that I am "weird" about my money and made it out of this time with my $1000 emergency account still intact.

Second order of business. I am moving into my own apartment next Saturday the 5th!! I couldn't be more excited.  While Andrew's grandparents have been more than gracious hosts since my landing here, I am ready to move my things out of storage once more. (Sometimes my life feels like that movie Groundhog Day).  I will be residing in Georgetown, KY so as to be about 45 minutes closer to work.  (At this point the commute is about an hour and 10 minutes on average.)  My apartment is absolutely fabulous, and I can't wait to entertain some overnight guests! The first ones being my parents of course who continue to make sacrifices of their time for me in my many moves. : ) 

Third item: My boyfriend is amazing.  Ug that is so cheesy, and I hate when people bubble on and on about their relationships, but I just have to say it. I have already gotten to attend a show at the Lexington Opera House, and have received so much unlimited patience, understanding and support through this time of transition.  It's fun to be douted on.  : )

Fourth: I am looking forward to getting more involved at Broadway Christian Church. Right now I'm serving a couple times a month with the KidsChurch group, and enjoying all the energy they have.  Financial Peace University has also been fun to attend at Broadway with the boyfriend. Lexington has so much to offer, so I'm real excited about what lies ahead! 

I will update soon once I'm settled in my apartment with various "repurposed posts" about decor and functionalbility (I think I made that up?)

I am so blessed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its a N3W Y3AR!

Today marks the fourth day of the new year and I couldn't be more excited about this one.  I am happy and healthy, I have a boyfriend who spoils me and is a wonderful man, I got to spend a week with close friends and family over the holidays, my car is operating as it should, I could go on and on.  I really dislike standard new years resolutions, but I must say since I love goals it is fun to revisit where I was last year and where I want to be going...Lets review this past year's goals....

  • Pay off my car- Still paying it off
  • Work toward my LPC- Still working
  • Buy a Bike
  • Maintain my financial goals
  • Build a larger emergency fund
  • Stock my Etsy store :) Stocked, but need to relist and begin again
  • Read 5 books I have that I have never opened in my library- I think I made it through 2
  • Study at least 6 books of the Bible intently.- Only did about 4 books
  • Get rid of things I do not need
  • Use what I have to make what I need when possible
  • Container Gardens?
  • Do at least 2 things on my “Things to do in Life list” this year  I learned about my car, went boating on Smith Mountain Lake in VA, and did a Beth Moore Bible Study, I even lost 24 pounds, and that wasn't even on my list!
...I didn't do too bad! This definitely gives me encouragement for the coming year and allows me to see God's grace in my life as well.  This year I would like to concentrate on:

  • Payoff my Car- May 2011?
  • Get 50% of the hours/ supervision I need for my LPC
  • Find an apartment in Lexington within my price range
  • Open Etsy Store again
  • Read 2 "Fun books" in my library
  • Continue purging things I do not need or want
  • Maintain my financial goals
  • Do at least 2 more things on my "To Do List for Life" 
  • Go through a Financial Peace University Class with the Boyfriend
  • Make time for a "Date Night" weekly with the Boyfriend
  • Keep track of money saved in 2011 (In 2010 I spent an average of $19 a week on groceries!)
Yep..I think that looks good. :D
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