Monday, May 17, 2010

Pr3ssing On!

Sometimes things happen in life that throw a wrench in our plans.  I am a big planner.  I have not always been, but sorta morphed into one.  I love making things and thinking of new ways to repurpose everyday items...seriously I could do this alll day.  However, as much as I like these things and have many interests, when life events happen it is necessary to put them on the back burner until I can come up for air. For example, let's inspect the $600+ damage of the wrench. 

Retal Car: 189.00 (for 4 days)
Car Engine Issues: $241.00 (Praise the LORD, it was ONLY this much!!)
Personal Property: $70.00
Ticket=? at least $160.00 (after court costs!)

That is $660.00 of a wrench thrown into my plans! And you know what? It did not even phase me financially!!! Becuase of my planning I was able to move things around and adjust some other bills! I only had to take $200 out of my emergency fund!

I spend my paycheck down to $0 every payday..Yep. 0.  This way I know where everything is going and it can be tracked with minimal effort.  It is a great system, and it's allowing me to pay off my debt VERY quickly!! So when my car broke down before a trip to see the boyfriend in Lexington, KY (6 hours away) I needed to make some decisions.  Personal Property taxes are due, a speeding ticket, enterprise rental, and a sputtering car with a scary engine light on does not equal progress financially! However, I have kept my grounds, there has just not been much time (or expenses) for my Etsy Store! :( 

But good news!!! I am going to be hitting the craft room hard this week turning out at least 5 new types of items to show up in my store! Stayed Tuned!

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