Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is a good day.

Do ever have days that just energize you? A sun shining, windows down, stress managed, genuinely good day? Well I've definately had less than I would like over any period of time, but today is different. It is genuinely good. It is good because I'm healthy, employed, budgeted, relaxed, creative and genuinely excited about the future. Oh, and I have a great boyfriend, even if he lives 6 hours away at this point, it's not forever. I really like to sit back and enjoy these times in life, it makes everything else worth it. Don't you think?

I'm hoping to work on many more of my creative outlets this weekend. I'd like to get a few more things listed in my store on Etsy, figure out a unique wall filing system for my room, work on my garden, and purge the basement of things I dont' really need. whew..I'm sorta tired now thinking about it, but very excited about having time to get it done!

Update on 2010 Goals:

  • Pay off my car- My tax return will help immensly, On track, and looking for a second jobto speed it up!
  • Work toward my LPC- March 25th I was approved to begin counting hours inthe state of VA!
  • Buy a Bike- Almost saved up!
  • Maintain my financial goals- DOING GREAT!
  • Build a larger Emergency Fund- Ahead of schedule!
  • Stock my Etsy Store-Stocked! Just need to keep adding more inventory!
  • Read 5 books I have never opened in my library- 1 down!
  • Study at Least 6 books of the Bible Intently- 1 down!
  • Get Rid of things I don't need- working on this more Saturday!
  • Use what I have to make what I need when possible- yep :)
  • Container Gardens?- Planed my seeds a few weeks ago, hoping to put them in the ground soon!

Wow, I'm doing much better than I expected to be by the beginning of April! How are you doing on your goals for 2010?

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  1. My goal was to read more and be nicer. Gotta start somewhere, right? The reading is going really well! I've read through so many books! Still working on being nicer... Not as successful as the other one;)