Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 8 Reasons to Make Goals...

I love this article I found today on Dave Ramsey's website...I love goals, and I love accomplishing them...

Yesterday a glorious milestone occurred.

#1 My emergency fund became fully funded!
#2 My Credit Card is paid off!!

I have had HEINOUS luck with cars ever since I have been old enough to drive. Just the thought of going to a mechanic makes me sick. The $250 I had left to pay on my credit card was from my stupid car forever ago it seems like. And now... ITS OVER!! Never again will I think it is a good idea to pay for something with someone else's money. (How nice of them to loan it to me for 17% interest...so sweet.)

And now to tackle those school loans ....grrr.

Getting a little closer everyday to my goals I have set for 2010!! That makes me a happy girl :)

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