Monday, April 5, 2010

Kroger and Coupons

I love saving money. I also love spending money on things I have thoughtfully considered. So when I am happy with a purchase I have found that expressing it to the company is often quite beneficial. I took the time a few weeks ago to write some comments to different companies of products I am pretty happy with. The result?


Mainly I got dollar off and free coupons, and some that were just thank yous, but the best? My Kroger sent me a $10 gift card! WOOHOO! So Helpful since me and my roommate shop there like clockwork weekly after we get their ad in the mail and plan our menu.

Another good way I have been getting good deals is checking out "Free Stuff" websites that clearly aren't shady. They hook you up with product sites to get samples. More often than not they also send decent coupons with the samples. Now when I get home from work its like getting a small present everyday in the mail!

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