Monday, April 12, 2010

Progress not Perfection...

I love being able to cross things off a to do list...sometimes I think I make lists just to cross them off! HA (I know it's sick) But some pretty exciting updates on my Goals of 2010:
  • I'm buying a bike today for about half what the owner paid! (If it's a good fit, it's only been used a couple times!)
  • I've decided what items I will be posting on good ole Craigslist to begin getting rid of so many things I don't need or use! So far I got...a big oversized computer desk, a nice long 2 drawer file cabinet, a TV that doesn't work except for the DVD player on it (FREE), a microwave, some odds and ends, and a retired collector's item that should go for about $150...hopefully... GRAND TOTAL I am aiming for.....$210! That will put a small chuck into my car payment. YAY
  • The boyfriend paid for Netflix for the next few months for me, so even those small red box rentals that are only $1 will not have to be used for a while!
One thing I have been learning in this process has been PAITENCE! I cannot save up or buy everything I may want or need overnight! I may have to wait until I can afford it...*GASP* Yes...I said "Wait."   It has been nice to have a plan and see it in action.  Do you have things around your house you could get rid of?


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