Friday, March 12, 2010

I LOVE FREE..and gardens

Last night I spent some time making some free pots for my garden this spring/summer out of newspaper!
I made 20 and I'm hoping to get some seeds planted this weekend to start them indoors before planting them outside! Click on The Grocery Cart Challenge button for more great ideas!


  1. as someone who is also experimenting with growing things this year, i'm intrigued by these containers...i found a biodegradable tray for starting seeds, but have concluded the sections are too small for some of the things i well are these holding up? and do they have bottoms or just sides?

  2. They are holding up great! I do have a pastic tub they are in to contain the water better, but they do have bottoms and sides. I did the biodegradable ones before and these definately can hold more seeds per container. GOOK LUCK CULTIVATING YOUR GREEN THUMB!