Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So long trailer sweet trailer...

Well tomorrow will mark the end of a 3 year stint in good ole JBC's "married student housing". I begin my blogging journey with this post since it has been location of so many memories, events, and emotions over the last few years. I'm very glad to be leaving since I feel it marks the end of a very important moutaintop for me. I'm definately ready for any terrain that lies ahead.


5. KATRINA- You may think it sounds quaint to fall asleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof. It's not. The mere echo from a small drizzle outside could keep me up all night. Not because it sounds like one of those noise machines you would buy at the mall, but becuase it sounds like a hurricane in my house. A slight breeze rustles the trailers skirt so much you would think evacuation is necessary.

4. WHAT?!?! - I would be shocked if my hearing is still in tact after the last few years. If there is laundry going the house actually shakes and makes it extremely difficult to hear the TV.. even with the volume on 100. U can imagine what it is like trying to talk to someone with all this racket going on..Many humerous miscommunications occured becuase of this situation.

3. MOWING- Who doesn't enjoy cutting grass? Ok many people don't, I for one always loved it until these last two years. Looking at the two tiny strips of grass that needs to be cut weekly, one would think this would only take about 10 mins or so...not the case I found out. Each strip has a small swamp area that if it has rained in the last 2 weeks takes at least 2 more to dry out. This would mean the grass would get cut once a month...making the Trailer trash motiff complete. Now if you do dare to cut it after the hurricane, the mower has a few tricks to learn. After trying to start it multiple times and throwing the throttle up quickly, you must then aproach the yard cautiously. Going too fast or slow through the tall grass (or short grass for that matter) will cause the mower to die. This is one reason i developed the tip and push method. This consists of trying to cut both strips of grass while bending my 6 foot tall frame in half and tiping the mower about a half a foot off the ground. Fun times.

2. HOT or COLD?- One disadvantage to living in a plastic house is that the tempature is remarkably same to that of the outside world. It must be countered constantly. If it is night the heat must be on, or you will be frozen to your bed. During the day you will roast if the air is not on. Good thing utilities were included :)

1. PABLO- Ok I don't know if I ever gave our pet rat a name, but he should have had one seeing as all time he spent with us. Last year I decided he was a wombat. No small mouse or rat could reek havok on our house like this creature has. But after being spotted we indeed find he is a rat. A pack rat. yes that is right, we had quite a few possessions disappear, the most impressive being our rug that was on the floor in front of the sink.

These top five may sound like complaints, and believe me they were at the time, but looking at my experience here and seeing how comical it was I have nothing to complain about. What a blessing it is to live in a place where my biggest complaint is that I can't hear the TV, or that I have to remember to turn on the air. I hope I will never take for granted the luxaries that we have here, no matter how "inconvienient" it seemed sometimes!

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