Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Move Fast

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I did get the position I was hoping for in Virginia. HORRAY! They called and offered it to me the 13th of November and I started the 16th. What a relief to watch things fall into place and know I will not have to use my car as a closet anymore! Me and a good friend of mine are still getting situated into a house we moved into last weekend. I LOVE IT. Great neighborhood, decent rooms, basement...really what more could we want?

More importantly.....I HAVE A JOB! I began work at Family Preservation Services in Roanoke as a Intensive In Home Counselor and have been doing training there these past couple weeks. It will be challenging, but I think I will get a ton of experience, and learn a lot. I am so grateful to have a job and place to finally settle. While it is far from many of my friends and family, I think it will be a great opportunity.

Here's hoping after my stuff gets to the house next week (from both Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN) I will have the time to post some new creative thoughts and ideas about projects I'm working on!

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